Friday, 8th December, 2023
Friday, 8th December, 2023

Govt allows schools, colleges to charge only tuition fees

The government has allowed private schools and colleges to charge students tuition fees despite the shutdown of the institutions amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The schools and colleges, however, are barred from charging students fees for tiffin, readmission, magazine and development, the Secondary and Higher Education Department said in a notice on Wednesday, reports
Schools and other educational institutions have remained closed since Mar 18 as part of a measure to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.
The new decision came amid disagreements between parents and the authorities over the payment of tuition fees. The parents argue that they have suffered an income squeeze during the pandemic, and are unable to pay the tuition fees.
The institutions, on the other hand, are trying their best to continue the academic life of the students, owners said adding they need to spend a certain amount of money to pay staff salaries and for maintenance.
“We need to consider the parents’ problem as well as ensure that the institutions don’t shut down or the teachers and other staff members don’t go unpaid,” the government said.
Considering the overall issues, the government decided to allow private institutions under the department to receive only tuition fees from their students.
“But they cannot take any fee for assignment, tiffin, readmission, library, science lab, magazine and development. They will return the amount if taken already or adjust it with the tuition fees.”
The department also urged the authorities to consider the financial crisis of the students whose parents have lost their jobs or suffered an income squeeze.