Friday, 8th December, 2023
Friday, 8th December, 2023
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Urgent notice relating to passports of Hajj pilgrims issued

The Ministry of Religious Affairs issued an urgent notice relating to passport of intending Hajj pilgrims in the Hijri year of 1443 or English year of 2022.
According to the notification issued on Monday, validity of passports of intending Hajj pilgrims should be at least up to January 4, 2023, otherwise new passports should be collected as per the policy of the government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It should be ensured whether national identity card number of intending pilgrims is properly mentioned in the passport or not, it said.

Those intending pilgrims who registered in 2020 under both the government and private management and whose validity of passport has expired or information of passport has been changed, they will have to update their passport information.

For the existing registered pilgrims under government management, one will have to update information by applying for bringing change (using passport change option) through registration.

For private management, one will have to update passport information through respective agencies.

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