Friday, 8th December, 2023
Friday, 8th December, 2023
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Mashrafe gets 27 stiches on left leg after unexpected accident at home

Former Bangladesh national cricket team captain, also Narail-2 lawmaker Mashrafe Bin Mortaza got at least 27 stiches on his left after he sustained an unexpected accident at his home.

Morsalin Bin Mortaza, Mashrafe’s younger brother, confirmed the matter.

He said, “A broken piece of glass of a showcase fell on Mashrafe’s feet on Saturday afternoon, causing a cut towards the heel of the left foot.”

“My brother was at home. The glass shattered when he accidentally collided with the showcase, and the broken glass fell on the back of his left leg. He needed 27 stitches. Please pray for him,” Morsalin said.

After the accident, Mashrafe was whisked off to the capital’s Evercare Hospital. There he got stiches on left leg and returned home.