Friday, 8th December, 2023
Friday, 8th December, 2023

Mahbubul Khalid`s songs portray tragedy of Felani killing

11 years have passed since the border killing of Felani Khatun, a 15-year old Bangladeshi girl. Indian Border Security Force (BSF) on the Anantapur border under Phulbari upazila in Kurigram on January 7, 2011, shot Felani to death when she, along with her father, was returning home crossing barbed-wire fences erected by India.

Her body was hanging up-side down on the border fence made of barbed wire for more than four hours, triggering a huge reaction.

As she pleaded for water during her last breath, no one came forward to help. The BSF men handed over the body a day after her killing.

The unfortunate girl lived and worked in New Delhi; however, her marriage was arranged in Bangladesh for which they attempted to cross the border and shot dead after her dress became stuck in the barbed wire at the border.

Even 11 years after the brutal killing, the family of Felani Khatun is still searching for justice. The responsible BSF man has not been punished, and the border killing has not stopped yet.

The tragic death of Felani triggered huge reaction and widespread criticism for such brutality. Bangladeshi poet, lyricist and composer Mahbubul Khalid was deeply shocked by the incident. He wrote two songs on the killing of the poor girl. The songs portray the sufferings of Felani Khatun.

Late composer Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul tuned the songs. Two veteran singers Samina Chowdhury and Dinat Jahan Munni rendered their voices to various versions of one of the songs titled ‘Felani Re Korlo Guli’. Munni also sang another song titled ‘Keno Amay Korle Guli’.

The song has been published on Mahbubul Khalid’s musical website ‘’.

The killing of Felani Khatun is one of the most doleful incidents in human history. The incident reveals many sides of border killings, ill fate of refugees, harsh reality of poverty, human suffering and many more. The way Mahbubul Khalid penned the songs, they truly represent the harsh reality and enflame the spirit of humanity among all.

Mentionable, poet, lyricist and composer Mahbubul Khalid has penned and tuned a vast number of songs including various days or observance, popular and renowned personalities, social awareness etc. His recent song on Covid-19 pandemic titled ‘Corona Ke Voy Koro Na’ (Don’t get panicked of Coronavirus) has been widely appreciated and created awareness on the deadly virus.

All the songs and poems of Mahbubul Khalid are published on his website ‘’. Besides, music videos of his songs are also released on YouTube channel ‘Khalid Sangeet’.

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