Friday, 8th December, 2023
Friday, 8th December, 2023

Onion prices rise at Hili land pot

The prices of imported Indian onion have risen by Tk 3-5 per kilogram at Hili Land Port in Dinajpur district.

Visiting the port on Sunday, our correspondent saw that onions of Nasik, Patna, Indur and Gujarati varieties have been imported from India through Hili port ahead of Eid-ul-Azha.


Now, onions are being sold at Tk 28 to 30 per kg depending on the varieties.


Rabiul Islam, a trader at Hili Land Port, said, “We are importing more and more onions to keep the price of onions normal in the country’s market ahead of Eid-ul-Azha.”

“But, the price has recently gone up a bit due to increased demand for imported onions in the market. If imports increase, the price of onion will come down before the eid.”

According to Hili customs, 75 metric tonnes of onions were imported in 25 trucks through the port on Sunday.