Monday, 4th December, 2023
Monday, 4th December, 2023
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WhatsApp backtracks on threat to ban users who do not adopt new privacy policy

WhatsApp, a messaging service owned by Facebook, has decided to backtrack against the threat of banning users who do not adopt their new privacy policy after it took effect on May 15.

The privacy policy was originally scheduled to take effect in February, but the company decided to postpone the update until May after user feedback.

For strangers, WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will allow the app to share user data with its parent company, Facebook, as well as Instagram. Although the update will not affect the privacy of messages sent to friends and family and there was more to the messaging business on the platform, when it was first published, many users believed that the content of their messages could be compromised.

With the May 15 deadline fast approaching, WhatsApp is now giving users more time to review and approve the update. Although users will not be banned directly from the platform, they will face consequences for failing to accept the update.