Monday, 4th December, 2023
Monday, 4th December, 2023
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Cox’s Bazar declares ‘expensive’ city

The government has declared Cox’s Bazar a ‘expensive’ city. As a result, there will be various types of facilities, including public housing for the government employees in that area.

In the costly areas of the country, including Dhaka, the government workers receive 50 percent of their basic salary as house rent. Now, Cox’s Bazar employees will get it too. Currently, the government staffs are received 45 percent of basic salary. In addition, other benefits, including TA-DSA, will increase.

The Cabinet Division on Monday issued a notification singed by cabinet secretary Khandker Anwarul Islam announcing Cox’s Bazar municipal area as expensive. It said that Cox’s Bazar Municipality has been declared expensive due to the increase in prices of essential commodities in the city or municipality of Cox’s Bazar, including rent, vehicle rental, food, clothing and other commodities.

According to sources, the action was taken on the basis of the proposal made by the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Cox’s Bazar at the last Deputy Commissioner’s Conference. At that conference, Cox’s Bazar DC said that after the displacement of the Rohingya from Myanmar, Cox’s Bazar started working there. In addition, several companies are working there. As a result, the cost of living in Cox’s Bazar has increased. Government officials and employees are facing financial stress. In view of this, he proposed the city of Cox’s Bazar as an expensive city. Then Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave the principle consent in this regard. After completing other processes, the notification has now been issued. Now the finance division will decide the financial issues.